Kevin & Allyson Seconds, Bobby Jordan, And Nolan Erck At The Fox And Goose In Sacramento

Kevin & Allyson’s beautiful harmonies make the world a better place. Bobby Jordan is an Americana/singer-songwriter who plays in the Mr. T Experience, Slattern V, Knockoffs, Red Star Memorial, Go National, and the Decibels. “Super hushed, good-guy vocals.

Spewed out fragile 2 and a half minute confessionals about relationships (good and bad), growing up, memories, fastballs and other assorted confusing things. Nolan can rock the emo but is not emo. He can lay down the folk but isn’t exactly folky. He sometimes rocks with a band but does it in an almost heartbreakingly lonely way.

We’ll see you there!
Friday, June 7, 2019 / 9:00pm
Fox And Goose
Sacramento, CA
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